Seriously nonsense!

UNUSUAL ROLE Rajat Kapoor plays a "super idiot" in "Bheja Fry".   | Photo Credit: Photo: K.G. Santhosh


Rajat Kapoor continues to spring surprises. This time it is called "Bheja Fry" where he has a mischievously challenging role.

For me the best thing is that I leave my character on the set when the shooting is over. Rajat

Last year, he had the world notching down the upward curve of his career graph with his portrayal of the shrewd business tycoon in Madhur Bhandarkar's "Corporate". But this time in "Bheja Fry" produced by Sunil Doshi and directed by Sagar Bellary, Rajat Kapoor plays a "super idiot" as he puts it. You may come to hate his trait of mocking innocent people just to kill time. But it acts as the best stress buster for him from the hectic office schedule, problems at home, a constantly nagging wife (played by Sarika) who thinks he could have better ways of venting his anger.Says Kapoor who is named Ranjeet Thandani in the film, "To play a character that you are not is interesting to explore how much you can act and how much you cannot. For me the best thing is that I leave my character on the set when the shooting is over. Such roles are a delight because they leave you creatively satisfied."Kapoor specifically mentions Vinay Pathak in the film who plays Bharat Bhushan, a roly-poly income tax officer. He tries to help Kapoor but ends up goofing up each time. "If Pathak is Kishore Kumar in the film, I am Balraj Sahni," quips Kapoor.


If you wonder why Kapoor is seen in different films like "Monsoon Wedding", "Corporate" or "Mixed Doubles" or makes a film like "Raghu Romeo", he has one word answer, "Commitment". "When I joined the film industry, and saw the kinds of film made and offered to me, I wowed to myself that I would act or make only those films which bring me creative satisfaction, whether they bring money or not. I never have, and will never do films for money," he asserts."Bheja Fry" too, is the result of his friendship with Sagar who worked with him in "Raghu Romeo". When he offered me this film, I loved the `different-ness' of my character. I am a rich, nasty, arrogant owner of a music company who loves to attend `talent dinners' only to have an upper hand. The film will make you laugh at every step and teach you certain things subtly."The list of his different roles in his forthcoming films begins with Sudhir Mishra's "Khoya Khoya Chand" in which he plays a rich lawyer. Then there are "Tere Sang" which sees him as the serious superstar of the `50s, and "Aye Dil" in which he turns an idealistic writer from Jabalpur.