Scintillating recital


TWINKLE TOES The Kathak performance. Photo: Ch. Vijaya Bhaskar

TWINKLE TOES The Kathak performance. Photo: Ch. Vijaya Bhaskar  

Raghavraj Bhatt and Mangala Bhatt, seasoned Kathak artistes and gurus of Hyderabad, gave a scintillating Kathak performance, a rare treat in Vijayawada, with their troupe members Rashmi, Sanchari, Sowmya, Ramita and Mukthi.

The programme was organised by Mummaneni Subbarao Sidhardha Kala Peetham at the Peetham's own Sidhardha Auditorium. The highlights of the programme were the individual numbers presented Raghavraj Bhatt and Mangala Bhatt. Evocative group items Krishna Dhyan, Ganesh Vandan, Thumri Malika and the jugalbandi enthralled the audience.

Excellent support was provided by Vinay Patankar (vocal), Uday Kumar (tabla), Nandkumar (sitar) and Satyendar (rhythm).

The monthly Swarajhari presentation this time was a novel and interesting jugalbandi concert at Sri Sivaramakrishna Kshetram. Modumudi Sudhakar, an experienced vocalist and secretary of Swarajhari, sang the Carnatic part while the Hindustani part was handled on sitar by Nanduri Madhusaradhi of the United States.

Some items ware rendered by Sudhakar and Madhusaradhi individually in their own styles while the other compositions were in jugalbandi form.

The concert began with Madhusaradhi playing a lively gat in Vilambit and Drut, followed by Sudhakar's rendition of Vatapi in Hamsadhvani, Apparamabhakthi in Pantuvarali and a thillana of Balamurali. The real jugalbandi took shape when the two talented artistes took up and elaborated the raga in their distinctive styles and played an attractive pallavi.

The manodharmam of both was of high standard. The concert came to a close with an attractive piece in Rageswari a sweet Hindustani raga.

Sudhakar and Saradhi were admirably accompanied by Ampolu Muralikrishna on violin, M.L.N. Raju on mridangam and N. Udayakiran on the tabla.