Scintillating recital enchants rasikas





A madhyamakala rendition of Begada varnam was the key note of T.M. Krishna's Chembai Memorial Concert that was held under the auspices of Kerala Fine Arts society.

Although Krishna is known for his creativity and scholarship, he excelled in kriti renditions in this concert and his tukkadas were a treat to the listeners.

A Kedaram composition `Rama nee pai' was sung with great care on modulations.

His swara singing was replete with `jhanda' phrases, and the perfect mathematics with which he ended on the nishadam after the jhanda swaras, evoked wholehearted applause. His rendition of the Dikshitar navavarana kriti `Kamalamba samrakshathu' in Ananda Bhairavi reached majestic heights.

The manodharma swaras explored each gamaka of the raga. However, the sound system played spoilsport and marred the concert. At one point the artistes decided to do away with the mikes.

The vocalist gave a full throated `Elaneedayarada' in Atana. Owing to the faulty sound system, Krishna decided to give the Varali exposition with all the phrases in the upper octave. Even though this briga-laden rendition was quite impressive, the audience missed the melodious lower octaves.

Finally, the mikes were reinstalled. In the meantime, Ganapati Ram gave a thani in Misra chapu. The superb rendition of Varali was backed up by an even more splendid elaboration of Bhairavi.

The swaras with varied endings, emphasising the different shades of madhyamam were magnificent, particularly during the phrase `Manasu ranjilla' in the Tyagaraja kriti `Koluvaiyannade kodandapani'.

A virutham `Shringaram Kshithinandini' brought out the splendour of the nine rasas in different shades of Sahana and Jonpuri leading to a brisk piece `Sa pashyat Kousalya Vishnu.' The rendition of `Sriramchandra kripalu' of Tulasidas deviated from the traditional rendition.

`Priye charusheele,' ashtapadi in Mukhari and `Irakkam varamal' in Behag were the other charmers.

Despite the technical problems, it was a scintillating concert that left the listeners waiting for the artiste's next visit to Kochi.

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