"Roja" on Jaya TV, weekdays, 21.00.  

(Jaya TV, weekdays, 21.00)

Directed by Balaji, the serial portrays a love triangle. The story revolves round the lives of the protagonist, Roja, and her step-sister, Anjali. They both attend the same college. Roja and Anjali have their own group of friends. Mahesh is interested in both. But, the girls have other plans. They vie with each other forShankar's affection.

Which one will win Shankar's love? What will be Mahesh's fate?

Tune in to find the answers. Produced by AVM K. Shanmugam, the cast includes Ranjitha, Keerthana, Rojasri, Rishi, Sarakesh and Rajasekar.

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