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Violin Delights-Popular Carnatic Kritis-Smt. Usha Rajagopalan-Rhythem Music-CD-Rs. 99

THERE'S SOMETHING about classical music, especially the Carnatic strain. Its soothing quality has to be experienced to be believed.

And, an enjoyable album need not necessarily be a vocal one; even its instrumental counterparts like the veena or the violin can be equally pleasing to the earas is proved by the two albums released by Visakhapatnam-based Rhythem Music.

While Alaipaayude Kanna... is a record of the endeavours of S. Srivani on the veena, Violin Delights is Usha Rajagopalan's contribution to the world of music, violin in particular.

Both artistes have been performing in popular kutcheris in the country and abroad.

Born in Chennai, Usha Rajagopalan started learning the violin at the age of seven. She even trained under Lalgudi G Jayaraman.

Her experience and expertise show both in her repertoire and her deft handling of the ragas and songs, particularly in the album.

Most of the compositions she chose for this album are by Thyagaraja, with a few exceptions. `Rama neepai' by Thyagaraja (`Kedaram-Adi'), followed by `Vande Vasudevam', a Annamacharya kriti (`Shree-Kandachapu'), `Paalinthuvo' (`Kantamani-Adi'-Thyagaraja), `Akhilaandeswari' (Pallavi Seshaiyer's composition in `Dvijavanthi-Adi'), `Entha nee vina' (`Urmika-Tisra Adi'-Thyagaraja), `Sri Shankaraguruvaram' (`Nagaswarlai-Roopakam' by Mahavaidyanatha Iyer) and `Naajeevaadara' (`Bilahari-Adi'-Thyagaraja) are some the numbers chosen to be played.

`Kalaya Yashodhe' (`Ragamalika' in `Adi talam' by Narayana Theerthar) and a `Thillana' by Lalgudi G. Jayaraman set to `Adi talam' in `Hamsanandhi ragam' are the picks of the album.

Created by Saneetha Bhushanam R. Amaravathi, the album adds worth to your music shelf.

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