Raja Rajeshwari

"Raja Rajeswari" on Sun TV, Sundays, 21.00.  

(Sun TV, Sundays, 21.00)

The new serial, to be aired in the `Soolam" slot, protrays how one can win over destiny with the grace of God and how good triumphs over evil.

The story revolves round the life of Lakshmiamma, an ardent devotee of Goddess Raja Rajeshwari. She prays to the Goddess to give her a peaceful life. But, she learns about a curse, which would bring about the premature death of her son, Rajan, a psychiatrist by profession. Craving to have an heir to the family, Lakshmiamma pleads with Rajan to get married to Rajeshwari.

But Rajan refuses because he suspects that Rajeshwari is not a human being but a ghost. The mother, however, wins. Directed by Selvakumar and R. S. Pandian the cast includes Prithviraj, Shanmughasundram, `Vietnam Veedu' Sundaram, Mohan Ram, Malavika, Fathima Babu, Priya Mahalakshmi and Baby Praharshita.