Pushpagiri Math at Tirumala

PUSHPAGIRI PEETAM has been involved inVedic activities. Its present pontiff His Holiness Vidya Nrusimha Bharathi Swami, who assumed charge of the Pushpagiri Peetam in 1957, has been trying to spread Vedic dharma and inculcate moral values and virtues in people of Andhra Pradesh.

The Pushpagiri Mahasamsthanam has now constructed the Pushpagiri Math at Tirumala on a piece of land given by the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam at Medarmetta, Ring Road for the convenience of devotees for performing marriages, "upanayanams" and other religious functions including accommodation.

This math would be inaugurated by His Holiness Sri MadabhiNavoddanda Sri Nrusimha Bharathi Swamiji in the early hours today (2.13 a.m).

The Pushpagiri Math is also planning to take up construction of similar maths for the convenience of devotees at Sri Kalahasti, Sri Gyana Saraswathi Temple, Basar, Sri Thiruchanur Alamelumangapuram and Tenali within the next one year.

Besides these projects, reconstruction and modernisation will be undertaken at Pushpagiri, the abode of Pushpagiri Peetam, Cuddapah district.

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