Purandaradasa day

Chethana Vrajanath Acharya — Pic. by S. Siva Saravanan

Chethana Vrajanath Acharya — Pic. by S. Siva Saravanan  

— Pic. by S. Siva Saravanan

AT THE vocal concert of Chethana Vrajanath Acharya organised by Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Coimbatore, the list of songs provided to the rasikas at the commencement of the cutcheri contained more songs of composers other than Purandaradasa. Thus, in a list of 22 songs, Dasar padams were a meagre five.

Chethana Vrajanath has all the qualities of a skilful singer. Endowed with a mellifluent voice, her vocal recital revealed her desire to produce musical images reflecting the bhava of the songs chosen for the concert.

"Gam Ganapathe" in Hamsadhwani came with a flourish of imaginative swaras and the programme moved on to Vasudevacharya's "Sreedhara Paahi" with a colourful raga outline of Jayantasri preceding it. The raga vinyasam of Sriranjani for the kriti, "Sogasuga Mrudanga" was invested with soothing cadences of melody.

The violin accompaniment of Usha was characterised by refinement and she came into her own in the solo versions of Sriranjani, Pantuvarali and Sarasangi. The percussionists, Jayaprakash (mridangam), Suresh (ghatam), Sundaram (kanjira) and Arumugham (morsing) displayed consummate laya expertise in an enjoyable tani.


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