New mega from AVM

GIRIJA M.A. on Jaya TV, weekdays, 20.30.

GIRIJA M.A. on Jaya TV, weekdays, 20.30.  


AVM is gearing up for its next daily soap that opens on Jaya TV on December 4.

Looks like AVM. Kumaran and Shanmugham hardly pause for a breather. Their `Roja,' on Jaya TV is just over, after creating a record of sorts on the channel as the only soap that's gone on as a single story for 877 episodes, and they are already all set to start the next round, this time with `Girija M. A.' The mega opens in the same prime 8.30 to 9 p.m. slot, hitherto occupied by `Roja,' from December 4. Going by the `Girija' promos Priya Raman appears a prize catch and ought to help maintain Jaya's viewership intact. "Yeah ... we manage to keep viewers interest sustained. As far as `Roja' was concerned we got a lot of feedback from viewers who had been closely following the mega. And invariably they've all found the concluding episodes very gripping. It is these positive responses that goad us to go on," smiles AVM. K. Shanmugham. In the past fortnight viewers must have watched Priya Raman introducing the serial with announcement of a competition — based on her clues viewers were expected to guess the name of the soap that's about to begin. Not a brainteaser by any yardstick, just a gimmick. And of course, there must have been prizes to go with it. "It was the channel's idea entirely," is Shanmugham's honest response. The banner has successfully roped in another cinema heroine for the small screen. "We wanted a new face and Priya was looking for a suitable project. So it worked both ways," he explains. Shanmugham believes that Priya Raman is apt for the role of Girija. But you thought Deepa Venkat was one of the banner's constants.

The cast and crew

Laughs Shanmugham: "She's just done `Roja' along with Ranjitha, and she's also doing the main role in our other serial `Sarada' on Raj TV, that is telecast from 9 to 9.30 p.m. So we decided to go in for a new cast for `Girija.' Abhishek is playing the lead." Those who follow Tamil soaps know this small screen hero's potential as a performer. Thus Abhishek's inclusion should kindle further interest in `Girija.' Vimala Ganesh is in charge of the story and screenplay of `Girija M.A.,' while Chinnadurai has penned the dialogue. "The family drama, directed by Arundhavaraj, who was also the director of `Roja,' could remind you a little of K. Balachander's film, `Aval Oru Thodarkadhai.' But the subject suited the kind of protagonist we wanted heroine Girija to be. She shoulders the onus of taking care of her mother and three sisters. Chirpy and strong, she is down but never out even when her closest friend Lakshmi becomes her bitter foe" — Shanmugham gives us a glimpse of what is to unfold. He goes on to assure that the emotions of sentiment, anger, vengeance and love, have been interestingly interwoven to make the new mega palatable to viewers. "The tempo will be maintained throughout. We are working with all these factors in mind," adds Shanmugham. So Tamil serial buffs watch out. AVM. Kumaran's `Girija' could be straight up your alley.

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