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The camp was dictated by several indigenous factors.

The camp was dictated by several indigenous factors.  

CULTURAL EXPANSION has always been an important facet of the Indian civilisation. The exquisite architectural monuments and artefacts spotted across the globe are a testimony to this zealous activity since centuries. Artists travelling from their land to another are not only ambassadors of their own art, but also envoys of good will and friendship.

As a part of the activities of the Central Lalit Kala Academy, the Saarc International painter's camp was organised at the Shilparamam in collaboration with the Department of Culture, Andhra Pradesh.

Twenty artists from five countries were invited for the weeklong event held from March 6 to 12. That art is universal is true. In its purest form it is an all-consuming emotion that erupts out of the self and manifests in diverse ways. But every art is also a product of its social, cultural and economic milieu- hence the native, regional influences are inevitable too.

In a broad sense, the visual language at the SAARC camp was dictated by several of these indigenous factors bringing in flavours from different lands.

Rinchen Wangdi and Sonam Tshering, the two artists from Bhutan - self taught, symbolised their views regarding peace and environment respectively through figurations emblematic of the Bhutanese culture. Ahmed Abbas from the Maldives created Dalisque kind of figures emerging out of the vast expanse of the blue seas. While Ajit Ravindra of Sri Lanka had strong influences of the oriental Buddhist allegorical idioms peculiar to ancient Sri Lankan art, his colleague Jagat Ravindra's works were more contemporary - almost abstract as a bold composition of colour masses.

Ragini Upadyaya Grela presented two deftly handled canvas depicting the Nepalese fervours using lucid brush strokes and flags with religious literature, reminiscent of the ambience around the "Pashupathinath." Two high-keyed minimalist abstracts by Amrut Patel were notable.

The other participating artists were Mamduh Waheed, (Republic of Maldives); U. Bhaskar Rao-Bangalore; Dileep Singh Chauhan-Jaipur; Ravinder Salve-Mumbai; Vivek-Bhopal; Sharad Pandey-Lucknow; K.R. Subanna and Arvinda Chakravati-New Delhi; M. Shiva and A.L Aparajithan- Chennai; Gopi Krishna-Kerala; P. Gouri Shankar and Kavita Deuskar-Hyderabad.


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