Magic Lantern's latest


Magic Lantern's new play `Jambu Lingam,' a satire adapted freely into Tamil from Dr. Chandrasekhar Kambar's play `Samba Siva,' deals with the story of Lingam searching for the girl he's in love with. (Kambar was awarded the Padma Sri for Literature in 2001.) Lord Ganesha `blesses' Jambu and Lingam with a donkey, which, the Lord informs, will one day rule the kingdom. This leads to a series of hilarious events that pits the `commoner' Jambu against the State. In the end, it is the commoner who wins. The play will highlight the apathy of the self-absorbed State and the corruption of politicians and bureaucrats. Hans Kaushik is the director. Hans Kaushik is predominantly a stage actor, though he has also done films. He has acted in more than 40 stage productions in Tamil and English. His last directorial venture, `Minnal Ravi,' a Tamil adaptation of Dario Fo's `The Virtuous Burglar' was well received both at the NSD Festival in New Delhi and at the Purisai Theatre Festival, Cheyyar District.