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ROMANCE IN THE AIR Deepak and Rambha in `Maro Charitra'.

ROMANCE IN THE AIR Deepak and Rambha in `Maro Charitra'.  

Maro Charitra'.

The popular glamour heroine of mid-Nineties is back to win her berth in the Mumbai-dominated heroines' slot. She has signed two films in Telugu after a long hiatus. One of them, Silver Screen Rolls Movies' Maro Charitra, is progressing with a non-stop shooting schedule in and around the twin cities. Deepak plays the hero with Sai Kumar in a major role.

Incidentally, it is director Kranthi Ramesh Raja's comeback venture too. His last work was A.V.M's Maruthi.

Cinematographer Ch. Ramana Raju is canning a scene, of Saikumar taking on the villain's gang. His baritone voice reverberates as he smashes the gang members lead by their boss (played by debutant Dharma Teja).

"Saikumar is playing a key role as a police officer. He enters the scene just before the interval and his role runs throughout the second half. He contributes for an interesting climax," informs Ramesh Raja. That explains his volcanic performance. When playing a cop's role the actor automatically gets into frenzy against the lawbreakers. Remember the landmark film in his career, Police Story?

Maro Charitra is a popular film title from the 1980's. People still remember the black and white movie that created box office history in an era of colour films. "I agree. We have given a thought to these inevitable comparisons before voting for the title. It is an apt title for our theme as it presents true love from another angle and ends in a positive note. The title has already attracted enough attention. I think it will be an asset when it comes to pulling the crowds to the theatres. And once they watch the film they love it for its fresh feel," says Raja.

Rambha plays the role of an orphan brought up by some Good Samaritans in a colony. They pinned lots of hopes on her and get her admitted in a college. A co-student (Deepak) falls in love with her. She rejects his love as she hates the very word `love'. "But an incident brings a change of heart in her and when the lovers are about to unite an issue crops up that creates problems for the young ones. How they come out of it with the support of the police officer forms the rest of the theme."

"This film also marks the re-entry of Rambha. She liked her role and the story so much that she has immediately agreed to do the film. As for the shoot, we will be completing the talkie portion by October 10." The director adds that there is liberal dose of comedy (Brahmanandam, Kondavalas, Surya, Dharmavarapu, `Chitram' Srinu, Srinivasa Reddy and Rajesh) and lilting music (Vandemataram Srinivas) to pep up this "hundred per cent love story".

Producer Tydala Srikanth plans to shoot the songs in the scenic locations of Ooty, Kodaikanal, Warangal and Nagarjuna Sagar from October 13. The theatre run will be in November.

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