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ELECTION TIME: Manikanda  

Genre: Drama
Director: Selva
Cast: Arjun, Jyotika,P.Vasu, Asish Vidhyarthi, Uma, Vadivelu and Pasupathy.
Storyline: Of rivalry and revenge
Bottomline: If only it had been released on time.Timing is very important for film releases and this is one movie that suffers from a delayed start. One look at Jyotika and it is obvious that the movie, directed by Selva, must have been in the making for a long time. The story is about two bigwigs in a village the honest and straightforward Manikanda (Arjun) and P. Vasu. The government announces the village as a reserved constituency for women. Vasu does not want anybody to contest but Manikanda makes an educated woman compete. Vasu and his gang object and in the revolt, Vasu kills Arjun. After some years Raja (Arjun) comes to know about everything and it is time for revenge. It may not be a new storyline but with experienced artists and technicians it could have made an impression if it had been released on time. Arjun as both Manikanda and Raja has done well. Jyotika as Raja's sweetheart looks fresh and vivacious. Vadivelu's comedy is above average. Vasu and Asish Vidyarthi sail through their roles. Coming early in his career, Pasupathy finds little scope. A good performance comes from Uma. Senthil Kumar's camera does a neat job while Deva has not done anything new with music. Rathnakumar's dialogue sparkles in patches. S.R.ASHOK KUMAR