Launched for lunch

UPBEAT Newcomer Sudeepa Singh plays Sunaina in "Kabhie To Nazar Milao".  


Sony Entertainment Television revives the afternoon slot with two serials.

Sunaina is shown as a normal girl. She has not been given any pronounced movements to establish that she is disabled

There was a time when "Shanti" was a must at lunch. Those were the days when the channels had not slotted the audience as working, non-working and so on. Now Sony Entertainment Television has tried to revive the afternoon slot with two serials "Risshton Ki Dor" and "Kabhie To Nazar Milao". Called Nayee Dopahar, the attempt is to hold the slot that has little competition. "We have opted for original stories," says Nina Jaipuria, Head, Marketing and Communications, SET. Made by Shri Adhikari Brothers and UTV respectively, the standard of the serials, she says, matches the prime time quality. "It is just that we wanted to have a loyal audience base in the afternoon." However, leaving nothing to chance the serials are repeated in the evening slot.Unlike the Star stable which is discreetly dividing the genres between Plus and One, Sony is trying to put all its eggs in one basket, leaving Max with little to fend for. "We don't believe in exclusivity. We are for an inclusive set-up, for we don't differentiate between viewers as housewives and working women. A serial should work with more than one set of viewers to be popular," adds Nina. Nina says the approach reflects in the novelty of the plots. "For long we have been seeing saas-bahu squabbles. There have been serials that focussed on husband-wife and father-daughter relationship. For the time there is a serial, which addresses the brother-sister relationship." "Rishton Ki Dor" stars Anuj Saxena as the brother Suhas, who takes the responsibility of looking after his three sisters after the death of their parents. Urvashi Dholakia, who plays Noinika the overtly ambitious wife of Suhas, is providing the twist in the tale.

First time

"Similarly," points out Nina, "In `Kabhie... " the chief protagonist is a blind girl, which has not been seen on the small screen." Playing the lead role of Sunaina is newcomer Sudeepa Singh. Says she, "The good thing about the series is Sunaina is shown as a normal girl. She is a graduate who teaches clay modelling. She has not been given any pronounced movements - as has been seen in certain films in the recent past - to establish that she is disabled." Sudeepa, who has done a Punjabi film and has also been seen in some ad films, says she has a love interest as well. "At first, he could not make out she is blind. The story takes a turn when he comes to know about Sunaina's disability."