Kanaa Kanden Thozhi

"Symphony — Melodious Memories" on Kairali TV, Saturdays, 21.05.  

(Jaya TV, weekdays, 20.30)

Directed by Prabhu Nepal, the mega serial is about the practical problems one encounters in life and how one should go about solving them.

The story revolves round Sankaran and his family. Sankaran (`Nizhalgal' Ravi) being the eldest, has to take up the responsibilities of bringing up his three sisters and two brothers.

His wife, Rama (Pragati) helps him run the household. Life moves on smoothly until, Thenappan (Malaysia Vasudevan), a millionaire, tries to take revenge on Sankaran for insulting his son in public, thus causing a dent in his image. So, he attempts to harass Sankaran's family. Will Sankaran be able to overcome these problems? Will the two families unite?

Find out the answers from the serial, produced by Keerthana Entrerprises.

The cast also includes Sivaji Mano, Jothi Lakshmi, Bombay Gnanam, Nanjil Nalini, Gokul, Auditor Sridhar and `Vietnam Veedu' Sundaram.

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