``Jalamohini'' on Asianet, weekdays, 22.00.

``Jalamohini'' on Asianet, weekdays, 22.00.  

(Asianet, weekdays, 22.00)

The soap directed by Dilip and produced by Rajendran is laced with an intriguing blend of suspense and terror, making for an engrossing fare.

Rumours have it that the pond at the Krishna Kaimal family's ancestral home, Thenoottupura, houses a ghost. Following stray instances of people dying after using the pond, the townsfolk have been avoiding it like plague. Kaimal's grandson Anand, scoffing at the tale, has plans to build a holiday resort at the spot where the pond is located. As the karanavar (head of the family) is against the idea, Anand has the pool drained without the former's knowledge. When they reach the bottom, they find a pot, which Vishnu Kaimal, Krishna's brother, takes possession of. Curious, he opens it and alas the ghost theory that Anand dismissed as gossip takes the form of Jalamohini. She starts eliminating members of the family with a vengeance. Terror-stricken and perplexed about Jalamohini's background and the reason behind her being trapped in a pot and buried in the pond, the family begs the karanavar to do something to stop the banshee. A very reluctant Krishna Kaimal decides to take charge of the situation...

Starring Vijayakumari, Kanakalatha, Meenakshi, Sreelatha Menon, Kaladharan, D. Philip and Ramesh.

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