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JUST FOR LAUGHS: `Dasanum-Vijayanum'

JUST FOR LAUGHS: `Dasanum-Vijayanum'  

Mohanlal and Sreenivasan immortalised the Dasan-Vijayan combination in the laugh riot `Nadodikattu' and its sequels `Pattana Pravesam' and `Akare Akare Akare.' The duo became synonymous with a brand of humour that never goes out of fashion, a mere mention of the duo brings a smile on the faces of film goers. Their brand of humour and slapstick comedy inspired a number of clones that enjoyed varying degrees of success at the box office.

If in the 90's Dasan and Vijayan dominated the silver screen, the duo is all set to appear on the mini screen in their avatar as `Dasanum-Vijayanum.' The comic series with 25 episodes in 2-D animation will target children and grown ups.

The animation series was developed at Mohanlal's Thiruvananthapuram-based Vismayas Max Animation Academy.

The 2-D animation series will be the return, albeit through a different medium, of the Dasan-Vijayan duo.

The technique used for animation is similar to the ones used in films such as `Lion King' and `Jungle Book.'

According to N.M.K Menon, executive director of Vismayas, "This is probably for the first time that an animated series is being inspired by popular film characters in India and for this reason we have to put in that bit of extra effort to satisfy viewers' expectations."

Abhilash, creative director of the project, says that it was Mohanlal's dream to bring back Dasan and Vijayan in an animated form.

Going into the technicalities of making the series, Abhilash says that if a one-second scene requires 16 frames, by that reckoning making an episode of 22 minutes would require a lot of hard work. Vismayas claims that they are technically equipped to produce 2-D animation sequels for all the 25 episodes as well as the three stages of pre-production, production and post-production. Pre-production work is already complete, and production is all set to start shortly.

The production including layout, animation, background, `in-betweening,' clean up and digital work would be carried out at the Academy's studio, the post-production work like music, dubbing and editing would be completed at Vismayas Max and at Kinfra, Thiruvananthapuram.

Although the 2-D animation series is based on characters of a film, the story and screenplay for the animated series, however, have been specially developed for the series.

"Earlier we had plans only to create the series in Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu and Kannada, but now we have enquiries from North India as well, so we are preparing to dub the sequel in Hindi," says Menon.

`Dasanum Vijayanum' will be a treat for those who want to have a good laugh.

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