Gone with the wind

Confidently creative.

Confidently creative.  

ROSE MARY, whom Kamala Suraiya once proclaimed as her most promising follower and symbolically handed over her anklets, has bagged this year's Muthukulam Parvathy Amma Literary Award.

The book that fetched her this prestigious honour is a collection of autobiographical essays titled `Vrischika Kattu Veeshumbol.'

Rose Mary's reminiscences long for a lost paradise and has the confessional tone of Parvathy Amma's `Oru Vilapam' and `Meera.'

Parvathy Amma's wishful thinking was more personality oriented while Rose Mary's longing is for a world that seems to have vanished overnight.

Rose Mary goes back to her childhood in `Vrischika Kattu Veeshumbol' - to the languorous life in her village, Parathodu.

There the men folk of her well-to-do family celebrated life and the women joined in the celebrations. Their spouses were the monarchs of all they surveyed - estates, children and the grand kitchen they supervised with an array of servants.

Reminding us of Madhavikkutty, Rose Mary talks of the intoxicating ambience of those days when verse, words and music combined to shape cherished memories. She aspires `to reach you on the wings of a dream.'

No wonder she has the S B T Poetry Award and the Lalithambika Antharjanam junior award to her credit already.


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