Glamour and action aplenty



Chanakya Genre: Action Cast: Sarat Kumar, Vadivelu, Salim Ghouse, Hanifa, Vincent Asokan, Ilavarasu, Namitha, Laya. Director: K. Venkatesh Storyline: How a man takes revenge on the gang that killed his father. Bottomline: Routine, herooriented.

The legend of Harold Robbins and "Carpet Baggers" still lives among our filmmakers and film writers. Viswas Films' "Chanakya," written and directed by A. Venkatesh, is a clever mix of glamour and action.

The former is achieved through Namitha who dances with the hero every third reel. And when he is not dancing with her, Sarat Kumar fights hefty men of course coming out winner.

In all fairness to Sarat Kumar, he shines with his sense of humour, thanks to the screenplay. y. As the title suggests, the film has its share of `Chanakya Thanthiram,' the hero taking revenge on those who murdered his father. Ganesh is an auto driver. He is mad after publicity. He tells the court that he killed a popular personality of the city.

When it is found that he has nothing to do with the murder, he is sent to jail for a month. From then on he is known as `publicity' Ganesh. But then this craze for fame is a mere camouflage that he uses to finish his job — that of revenge.

His targets are — the Collector (Vincent Asokan), a Minister (V. M. C. Hanifa), and the police commissioner (Saleem Ghouse).

The drama is successfully enacted without Ganesh being caught in the police net.

The first half of the film is dominated by Vadivelu and Sarath Kumar who provide moments of hearty laughter.

Sarath Kumar is especially good with his sense of timing and body language. Namitha must have an eye on her figure. Laya has done her part well but the camera. Ilavarsu is always a pleasure to watch. Appearing as an inspector, he does a neat job.

Madhu Ambat's camera is good while Srikanth Deva disappoints both in tuning the songs and in the re-recording.

Only the song sung by Sarath Kumar is catchy. Super Subbarayan's fights are a routine fare.

V. T. Vijayan should have edited these shots because they come as an overdose.

Dialogue by Subha (he has also acted in a scene) has punch. The first half is more entertaining than the second.


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