Fun and frolic in the garden



FULL OF OPTIMISM: Adhirshtam  

The scene is a beautiful garden in the suburbs of the city. Shooting is in full swing and who is in the middle of it all? Karthik.

It is nice to see the veteran back in action, for Sri Ashtalakshmi Films's "Adhirshtam." And he seems to be enjoying himself, cracking jokes with the unit hands.

Presently the unit moves inside a house and the members take their respective positions in a big room.

Here, a doctor, Alex in this case, awaits his patient Radha Ravi.

The physician's assistant is Pandiarajan and the patient's brother is `Payilvan' Ranganathan. Director Ravi and Raja say that they have tried a new concept.

``The story revolves round a TV game show. A parole convict wins the jackpot and life is never the same for him," they explain. `

`All the artistes especially Karthik and Radha Ravi are helping us. The two in fact form the backbone of the film," they add.

Karthik is thrilled to work in a film with an interesting story line. "I wanted to make my comeback film to be different from the others. When I heard the story line I was really fascinated and am sure it will be a hit."

Radha Ravi is confident about the success of the film.

The directors have been associated with many good films and this is their ninth.

"We have worked with all the top actors but seeing Karthik perform a single shot, more than 400 ft, talking to seven characters, was a revelation. He sure is one of the best," Raja and Ravi say.

The two have also written the screenplay and dialogue for Rafeek's story. It is time to get back to work and cameraman S. P. Udayakumar is ready to start and being an action shot stunt master Dalapati Dinesh enters the scene.

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