Folk theatre festival by Spandana

REVIVALA scene from Chitrapata  


Amateur theatre group Spandana will stage three plays this month at Ranga Shankara - Lakshapathi Rajana Kathe, Chitrapata and the classic Karimayi.

Chitrapata produced by B. Jayashree and written by Dr. H.S. Venkatesh Murthy will be held on August 19 and 20. Based on Dr. Chandrashekara Kambara's novel, Karimayi, begins with high drama - murder. The play goes on to unravel how the whole village is split up between the educated man in the village who wants the matter to be taken to court and the village elders who want it settled within the village, and the drama that ensues. The playwright employs the bayalaata technique - a form of folk theatre in Karnataka - and director B. Jayashree is credited with transforming the play into a truly remarkable experience. This play is on August 23.

Lakshapathi Rajana Kathe has all the elements of a fairy tale - kings, curses, magic, divine maidens, a journey in quest for a treasure, and finally justice reigns. The play is brought out through another rural folk form of North Karnataka - the Kinnari Jogeraata. Spandana is making attempts to revive this versatile folkform through such plays. This play is on August 24 and 25.

Al the shows at Rangashankara begin at 7.30 p.m. sharp. No entry for late comers.