Flawless technique

Kalavardhanis REC 232 - Carnatic Classical Instrumental- Veena - Amba Janani - Prabhavathi Ganesan - Price Rs. 50.

PRABHAVATHI GANESAN, an artiste of long-standing, is to be appreciated for her steadfast pursuit to maintain and improve her performing skills on the veena. Being a disciple of Chitti Babu, her guru's style of playing is well manifest in her presentation.

Muthiah Bhagavathar's popular Khamas daru "Mathe Malaiyathvaja" with its lovely structure comprising saahitya, jathis, and swara is the opening number, played with a fluent, breezy touch.

A neat rendition of Papanasam Sivan's "Parasakthi Janani" in Hamsadwani with sparkling swara passages does establish a pleasing listening bond. Reethigowla is delineated with care to highlight the rakthi of the melody.

Subbharaya Sastri, a composer of no mean distinction, has authored magnificent compositions such as "Janani Ninnuvina" in Reethigowla, "Ninnu Sevinchina" in Yadhukula khamboji, "Sankari Neeve" in Begada and others. Prabhavathi's interpretation of "Janani Ninnuvina" at an appropriate kalapramanam is a mellifluous effort. Ramaswamy Sivan's "Pahimam Sri Rajarajeswari" in Janaranjani although pleasant, was slightly marred by occasional raga lakshana blemishes. It is evident from the artiste's detailed exposition of Kalyani and the tanam playing that she has an active, focussed musical mind. "Himadri Sudhe" of Shyama Sastri with neraval and swara sequence reveals efficacy of training and flawless technique.

The percussionists J. Vaidhyanathan on the mridanagam and S. Kartick on the ghatam play an exemplary tani avartanam, raising the concert standard to considerable heights.

Agasthiyar's "Sri Chakra Raja" as a ragamalika in Senchurutti, Punnagavarali, Nadhanamakriya and Sindhu Bhairavi create a mood of harmony. — S. P.

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