Flawless rendition

MAKING WAVES: Trivandrum Krishnakumar  


Trivandrum Krishnakumar's rendition showcased his vidwat in laya and manodharma sangeeta.

Trivandrum Krishnakumar is a promising musician who is well versed in the intricacies of mathematics of Carnatic music. That was proved beyond doubt when he adeptly handled music director Devarajan's composition `Shatkala pallavi.'Trained by veterans like Neyyatinkara Mohanachandran and M. Balamuralikrishna, Krishna Kumar is making waves in the Chennai music scene as well.His Carnatic vocal concert for Poornathrayeesa Sangeeta Sabha, held at Kalikotta Palace, aptly brought out the richness of his musical legacy and his vidwat in laya and manodharma sangeeta. Glides and turns

`Vanajaksha,' a varnam composed by T.R. Subramanyam, was the first item. A compactly woven piece in raga Behag, it charmed the audience with its unpredictable glides and turns. `Srigananatham Bhajamyaham' in raga Kanakangi had jhanda passages dominating the kalpanaswaras. `Kamakshi amba,' a swarajathi by Shyamshastri in Bhairavi, was replete with raga bhava. After `Marukelara o raghava' in Jayanthsree, Krishnakumar expanded Hamsanandi with an etch on the moorchanas and high vocal control. Avaneeswaram Vinu gave a short sketch of the raga. Swati Tirunal's `Pahi Jagatjanani' was the Hamsanandi kriti presented. In his Todi alaapana, Krishna Kumar took off from the dhaivatam to the upper shadjam rather abruptly. `Dakshayani abhayambike' one of the `Abhayambika' set of kritis by Muthuswamy Dikshithar in rupaka tala was rendered impeccably. Cherthala Dinesh gave good support on the mridangam and he, along with Gopinathaprabhu on the ghatom, gave a neat clear-cut thaniyavarthanam.In a tribute to his guru Balamuralikrishna, Krishna Kumar sang a few of the latter's compositions like `Pavanathanaya palayamam.'