Filled with harmony

Times Music and Jet Speed Audio (P) Ltd. — Compact Disc - Baawari Jogan - Anandmurti Guru Maa - Rs. 295.

BAAWARI JOGAN is a rare amalgam of Sufism with world music. The eternal beauty of Sufi poetry and Indian classical music are a winning combination. Anandmurti Gurumaa, an enlightened mystic, has given a new dimension to spirituality. Missions of people have been touched by her vision that has revolutionised the art of meditation a household phenomenon. This album is a story of ordinary human beings discovering the inexhaustible wealth of truth. Kanchman Babbar who is in charge of the music, has very commendably blended Indian acoustic sounds and electronic world music with fulfilling harmony and percentage aesthetics. The singing of the lyrics by the nectarine voice of Anandmurti Gurumaa is a balm to soothe the mind and give sustenance to the soul.

The male vocal support is by Nishant. The volume comprises six compositions sung to the accompaniment of a variety of instruments like santoor, flute, violin, guitar, duduk (a Turkish instrument) and percussion instruments. The music in this cassette as Beethoven said, strikes fire from the heart of man, and brings tears from the eyes of woman." — S. P.

Balaji Prays for Universal Happiness Vol. 1, available as CD and cassette, comprises songs dedicated to Panchamuga Anjaneyar.

Recorded by L. R. Saami Audio Video Studio (Ph: 91-44-2436 3529/2494 1753) and sung by M. R. Balaji, the collection includes Sri Hanumath Gayathri Dhyana slokas, Hanumath Ashtakam, Hanumath Kavacham and other hymns.

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