Festive offer

Now, it's time to enjoy the long-awaited festival of the year. Jaya TV has come up with a range of programmes to keep pace with the Diwali revelry. The celebration begins on Sunday (Nov. 3) with a Tamil film (4 p.m.), then lip-smacking `rasois' cooked by Adityan (10 a.m.), a dance recital and another feature film (11 p.m.).

Wait on, there's more to come. The show starts with Arul Urai (4 a.m.) by Kanchi Jagadguru Sankaracharyar that is followed by a string of programmes like Nadaswaram by Gunasekaran and Venkatraman and dance programme by Sri Kala Bharat at 6.30 a.m., songs from the films to be released on the day, interview with actress Bhoomika (10 a.m.); meeting with play-back singer Sadhna Sargam, movie highlights, interview with `Five Star' heroine Kanika at 9 p.m. and much, much more. Enjoy.

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