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LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT Cupid strikes Rohit and Navneet Kaur on screen.

LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT Cupid strikes Rohit and Navneet Kaur on screen.  

After a 30-kilometre drive from the twin cities on the Mumbai highway lies the most exploited film shooting location - ICRISAT (International Crops Research Institute for Semi Arid Tropics). The drive is worth its weariness as one finds a variety of rain fed and dry crops, artificial lakes, modern buildings housing research labs and the administration, swimming pool, guest houses on par with five star standards and food court serving

Continental cuisine.

"This area comprises of 3000 acres spanning over two villages. Manmool village is the favourite with film folks for its old world charm," informs N.S.S. Prasad, head, Farm & Engg. division that grants permissions for shooting , as he guides us towards the dry crops zone, maize , chosen by the unit of Madhura Meenakshi Movies to film a song for Good Boy.

The frame has Rohit and Navneet Kaur against the backdrop of the maize crops who break into a dance under the watchful eyes of choreographer Prem, as the song (that starts with the lines), Tholisaari tholakarilaa (music: `Vandemataram' Srinivas) is played. In the lake nearby, the flamingos make a surprise visit adding colour to the ambience. "The hero, a college student, first spots the girl at a temple. It is love at first sight for him. He then follows her to her college. Like any other romantic hero he goes into a love trance and sings a duet with her," explains director G. Nageswara Reddy who has a penchant for comedies and youth-based musical love themes.

"In comedy and melodious score, you can find traces of influence of my guru S.V. Krishna Reddy on me. And in the filming of duets I am awed by the style of veteran K. Raghavendra Rao. But I think I have evolved my own style of narrating subjects based on today's youth in an entertainment format," he says.

In this highly speculative trade, filmmaker G. Nageswara Reddy can create his own slot and is on the verge of releasing his sixth venture and fourth with hero Rohit. The combination has earlier made such box office grossers as 6 Teens and Girl Friend. "We promise even a better fare this time around," says the young filmmaker. "The concept is like this. At 18 some boys can be mischievous. It is a very impressionable age. If they realise their folly, they turn to be good boys. And the realisation can don on them in various ways. It is the story of one such mischievous teenager whose life changes after one such experience. That is also the turning point in the script. The concept is interwoven with comedy (between Venumadhav, Brahmanandam and the hero) laced with action and subtle message. The theme is also contemporary in the sense that we find today some youngsters turning violent when they fail in love. We are showing how wrong they are and came up with a solution too. All these aspects are packaged in an entertainment format to drive home the message," smiles Reddy.

As for the location, director G. Nageswara Reddy and producers Pydibabu and Sunil Kumar Reddy find the place so alluring that they decided to film the remaining song too at the site, of course, in a different location. "It is a special song picturised on a Mumbai model, the hero and 40 other dancers. With it we will be completing the shooting part," informs the director. The film is slated to hit the theatres come September 9.