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Kosmic Music - MDC 005, MDC 006 - Fusion - Revelation / Voyage - Price Rs. 50 each.

KOSMIC MUSIC has released two audiocassettes titled "Revelation and Voyage" with the principal artistes being the violinists Lalitha and Nandini in the first and Rajesh Vaidya, who has quite a few innovative bees in his artistic bonnet, in the second.

Revelation has guest artistes from Norway and Australia playing the violin and a wind instrument called the Shakuhachi. Ragas Keeravani and Hemavathi are elaborated in different shades, some of them within the Carnatic parameters and others pertaining to the western system. The second volume comprises compositions belonging solely to the Carnatic genre. "Ganamoorthe" in Ganamoorthi, "Raghuvamsa Sudha" in Kathanakuthoohalam, an ideal peg to hang the coat of fusion music, and "Nagumomu" in Karnataka Devagandhari are included in the agenda. The fire and brimstone percussion in both albums keeps the listener at the edge of his seat. These volumes are no doubt exciting and entertaining, but enthralling (?)

S. P.

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