Divine moods

R.K.SRIKANTAN'S GAIT and walk at 85 are understandably cautious. But the nearly three-hour music he wove with grace and ease echoed Tagore's words, "At the immortal touch of thy hands my little heart loses its limits in joy and gives birth to utterance ineffable." Raaga Vaibhava, a new musical outfit of the city (2002), had sponsored the concert. RKS was ably supported by R.S.Ramakanth (vocal). The steady ascent began with Kaanada varna "Ninne kori" (Tirivottiyur) and it reached the pinnacle in Vachaspati "Kantajudumi" (Tyagaraja).

The neraval at "Alandu Soumitri paada seva" was a memorable audiovisual portrayal of Ramabhakti (read musical bliss). "Bhajana seyave" in Saama (Sadashiva Rao) created a serene mood from which RKS took off to still greater heights of creativity in Bhairavi "Balagopala Paalaya" (Dikshitar). The Haridaasa keertanas sung towards the close were yet another treat in music-melody-metaphor combine. Manjunath's imaginative bowing, N. Sudarshan's manodharmic beats neatly supplemented by Guru Prasanna's humming added a new dimension to this great concert.


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