Comedy with a message

DIFFERENTLY MADE Besides humour, the film packs in a punch.

DIFFERENTLY MADE Besides humour, the film packs in a punch.  


With `Athili Sathibabu L.K.G.', E.V.V. Satyanarayana is back to making comedies.

It is always a pleasure to cover film shoots in the scenic Godavari belt, the granary of Andhra Pradesh, with its lush green paddy fields and mangroves. Travelling through Athreyapuram, Mandapeta, Kovvuru, Kumaradevam, Kadiyapu Lanka, Dhawaleswaram and Korukonda, the unit of EVV Cinema reached the highway leading to Dosakayalapalli to film a scene on hero `Allari' Naresh and a few others for Athili Sathibabu L.K.G. produced and directed by E.V.V. Satyanarayana.The director is introducing two heroines Kausha and Vidisa in this movie. The hero is riding a bike. A speeding lorry from the opposite direction hits his vehicle. It is a case of hit and run. The shot is taken a couple of times till the director feels the `accident' looked real. Naresh has to `fall' from the bike as many times too for a realistic effect.A monitor is placed at a distance under a roadside tamarind tree. The scene is replayed on it and a fully satisfied director calls for the next shot. A few junior actors in the guise of the passers-by gather. None come to the rescue of the hero lying on the road. They heckle him instead. The dislike towards him is evident by their talk and gestures. It is also taken about three to four times before EVV nodded in approval to his cameraman Jayaram. It is pack up time as with that scene the schedule has been completed."This scene leads to the climax," explains the director as a unit hand serves scalding lemon tea. The ever-experimenting director is back to making comedies, a genre he has mastered under his guru Jandhyala. His previous film with Naresh, Kithakithalu, was a runaway hit. He feels the current venture has all the ingredients to turn out as a bigger hit than his last film. "Besides generating humour throughout, it also leaves a message like in Aa Okkati Adakku and Appula Apparao. Why even Kithakithalu had a message," says EVV.Coming back to the scene he had just shot he says, "You must be wondering why people do not help such an innocent looking young man. The exterior is misleading. He is like Shylock. He runs a business that rents tents and furniture. But his real business is money lending. He lends money to petty traders at high interest and fleeces them. Most men who saw the accident are his victims. All his acts evoke laughter."Today life has become so materialistic that it is not values and human bonding, but money that dictates life. The younger generation's priority is to earn more than care. What I would like to say is that money is only a means to live, it is not everything. Earn enough to lead a comfortable life but earn enough goodwill to lead a contended life," he continues. Kausha, the heroine, runs a beauty parlour and is the daughter of a lawyer (Dharmavarapu Subrahmanyam). Vidisa is the daughter of a cook Babu Rao (L.B. Sriram). Sunil and Raghubabu are hero's elder brothers, Krishna Bhagawan is his brother-in-law and Brahmanandam plays a priest."Venumadhav, Ali, Babu Mohan and M.S. Narayana star in key roles too." EVV introduces music director Sri Krishna, a BSNL employee. "I liked his tunes. We shot a group song on the islets of Godavari and in Kadiyapu Lanka. Three duets are to be shot in Cambodia and Thailand (the unit has since left). For two-and-a-half hours people can forget their woes and enjoy this comedy," guarantees the director. The film is releasing on April 6.

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