Combination of dance and abhinaya


In perfect harmony.

In perfect harmony.  

A RECENT Bharatanatyam performance by artistes of the Kochi-based Dharani School of Performing Arts highlighted the visual aesthetics of group choreography.

One of the most essential qualities in a group dance is synchronisation. The group performance, which was organised under the aegis of Thalam Cultural Trust in Thrissur, underscored this aspect in every sense. The five dancers captivated the audience by their scintillating presentation of five items.

The group began their recital with `Madhava Sandhya,' that consisted of Nrityanjali in ragamalika and talamalika, composed by Rajagopala Sharma and choreographed by V.P. Dhananjayan.

It was an invocation to Vighneswara, Saraswati, Vishnu and Shiva, and concluded with an obeisance to the guru.

The main item of the evening was `Nrityopaharam' addressed to god Krishna. It depicted the charm of pure dance and abhinaya. This item, `Nin nne nne nneye raa nammi ra amura Krishna,' was set to Atana raga and adi talam and choreographed by Dhananjayan. The pallavi, anupallavi, charanam and chittaswaram express the dancers' devotion to Krishna and highlight various episodes in Krishna's life.

Thuryoor Rajagopala Sharma composed the music for this magnificent piece.

The next item was a Swati Tirunal padam, the famous `Kanakamaya mayeedum' in Huseni ragam and Roopaka talam, choreographed by Shyamala Surendran. This was in an interesting dialogue format between the heroine and her maid. Next came a Tamil Keertanam, `Adinaye Kanna' in ragam Mohanakalayani. Set to adi talam, it was composed by Ambhujam Krishnan and choreographed by Dhananjayan.

The Dharani ensemble concluded the `Madhava Sandhya' with `Nrityaanghaharam' (Thillana,) set to Kamas ragam and adi talam, highlighting the intricacies of pure and vibrant dance.

It was an invocation to Lord Venketesan, which was choreographed by Shyamala Surendran.

The dancers Rajesh, Neema John, Anita Jose, Soumya Suresh and Priya Papali enthralled the audience for about 90 minutes. Their guru Shyamala Surendran ensured that none of the dancers were trained in the 10-minute varnam format taught by some teachers to compete in the youth festivals.

Shyamala is a disciple of V.P. Dhananjayan. Nattuvangam and vocal support were provided by Shyamala and Milda Santly.


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