Chic & contemporary

Exquisite table linen and gleaming cutlery  

CONTEMPORARY CRAFTS celebrating new age shapes, organic material and brilliant craftsmanship create a special mood at Ambience's latest seasonal collection.

It is a festive offering spanning a range of translucent floating taper and garden candles, ethereal chicks and blinds, silk and textured cotton upholstery in jewel tones, embroidered organza table linen and avant-garde stainless steel cutlery.

Good Earth's terracotta urns create special magic. Etched white on white, the Mexican urns are especially eye-catching as are a range of terracotta `matka'- like urns in natural colours. There is a choice of art terracotta lampstands as well.

On display are attractive hand-painted crockery sets with the motifs highlighted in bright yellows, blues, greens and oranges.

For the gift shopper, there is variety: colourful dhurries from Jaipur, zari embellished cushions, work trays, mirror art frames and much else, all impeccably hand-crafted.

The Ambience Festive Collection can be seen at Ambience, 37, Bheemanna Garden Road, R.A. Puram, Chennai-18.