"Chamba", Vijay TV, weekdays, 21.00.  

(Vijay TV, weekdays, 21.00)

Produced by Aaba Vaanan and written by Indumathi, the story is a blend of romance, rivalry, action, melodrama and enigma. It revolves round the life of a young couple who elope and marry earning the wrath of their family and the society. They are rescued by a group of terrorists, which offers them refuge. As life begins to settle, the terrorists have encounters with the law and the couple is taken to be part of the goup too. In a rather unexpected turn of events, the couple get separated and they live with the belief that the other is dead. Whether they reunite forms the crux of the storyline.

The cast includes Seetha, Sarath Babu, Manorama, Mani Vannan, Senthil, Prem Kumar, Bhavana and Vijay Babu.

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