Catering to adults

LIFE ENACTED A scene from`Shanivar Ko Do Baje'.  


Two well performed in-depth plays marked World Theatre Day in the city.

Two one-act plays presented by Rangadhara and Sutradhar at the Telugu University Auditorium on World Theatre Day were strictly meant for adults as the themes were offbeat and a bold attempt for a stage show.Prof. Bhaskar Shewalkar, director of the first play titled Shanivar Ko Do Baje mentioned that inspite of all the advances in media and technical aspects, theatre will always survive as it comes face to face with the audience. The scripts selected for stage have relevance to day-to-day happenings in society. Similar to his sentiments, the play Shanivar Ko Do Baje written by Surendra Verma is about a middle-aged, married man with three children, having an affair with a not-so-young spinster, and the two having a clandestine rendezvous every Saturday afternoon for two years. Both are employed, and their relationship goes much beyond the physical. These two are neither bogged down by guilt nor share thesociety's moralistic platform. The writer, through these two characters exposes the double standards at their homes, offices, and society, in general. For these two however, life goes on, irrespective of their families and their own future. The play was slow paced and the gaps between dialogues were well conceived by the director to give the impact and intensity of the scene and play. Vinay Varma gave a good performance though he had not much scope to display his talent in this play. Sitara Sistla, the female artiste, making her debut gave a good and bold performance, though at times her nervousness was visible.

Act 2

The second play titled Uttaraardh was based on a Marathi play written by Vijay Mondkar. Anant Kulkarni and Shanta Kulkarni translated into Hindi.The play revolves around a writer who is not able to go beyond the first half of his story and seeks recluse in an old unused house to complete the second half. A stranger interrupts and tells him that the first half that he has written bears a strong resemblance to his own life. The story he is penning for a magazine he is employed with, is about a young dancer's commitment for an aged widower, with whom she's had a physical relationship, while being in love with his young son, shows that women need something more than puppy love in their lives. But whom does this woman love, and doesn't she need the exuberance of youth, as she herself is on the threshold of vivacity? Well, she has to make a choice. One has to go. The lady prefers to kill the son. Strangely the writer has competition in his colleague who is also given a deadline to complete the story for the publication. Taking a cue fromthe story, the colleague enacts the scene of the lady poisoning the son and poisons the writer to complete the story in his name. A well-written play, both the characters gave a good performance. Arun Shendalikar, as the writer was excellent in portraying the role. Mohamed Pheroze Ahmed as the other writer gave a scintillating performance. The play was directed by Vinay Varma and one could see the acting mannerisms of the director in both these characters at times. Anant Kulkarni, one of the pioneers of Rangadhara talking on the World Theatre Day said the lure of money in electronic media has made artistes switch from stage to electronic media. He also agreed on the adaptation of new technical aspects for theatre activities for better production. Though the motive of the organisers,was to encourage theatre activity in the city by buying tickets to watch shows rather than have free or sponsoredshows, the pricing of the tickets for this show were high.