Buzz Lightyear of Star Command

(Sony, weekdays, 18.00)

The series from Buena Vista Television India Limited focuses on Buzz Lightyear's adventures in the big, beautiful world of tomorrow as he patrols the galaxy with his team of Space Rangers (Mira Nova, XR and Booster). Members of the elite Universe Protection Unit, they guard the vastness of space in their retro rocketships, keeping peace amongst a fantastic melange of alien cultures.

But there is a dark shadow looming over this happy future — Emperor Zurg, enemy of justice, is bent on overthrowing the Galactic Alliance. Zurg, along with henchmen, Warp Darkmatter, has a seemingly endless array of schemes and villainous technology at his disposal. Yet, time and again, the heroic Space Rangers team with its never-say-die motto thwarts Zurg's efforts.

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