"Meri Biwi Wonderful" on Sony TV, Thursday, 20.00.  

(Raj TV, weekdays, 12.30)

This emotional drama is spun around the mutual trust and bond between two friends and how they achieve their goals after undergoing various hardships. Shankar is an ambitious man who tries to fulfil his mother's dream of becoming an IAS officer. But his dreams go unrealised due to his financial position. Ganesh, his friend in college, comes to his rescue by paying his fees and also provides accommodation in his house. But Ganesh's class-conscious father dislikes this and conspires to separate the friends. To avoid any further tensions, Shankar leaves the house. Will Shankar ever realise his dreams? Tune in to find out what happens next.

Credits — production: Cee Cee Dee Production; dialogue: Guru Sambath. Cast: Kavitha, Golden Suresh, Priya, Anjana, Kalpana Sree and Poovilangu Mohan.

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