At her creative best

A melodious voice and clarity of diction were the hallmarks of the vocal concert by Jayamangala Krishnamani from Chennai at the ISKCON temple during the recent Gokulashtami Music Festival at Mysore. Coming from the tradition of Chembai Vaidyanatha Bhagavatar and well nurtured under Rajalakshmi Krishnan, USA, the artiste's manodharma was exemplary.

Delineation of raga bhava, svaravinyasa, and well-articulated intricate gathi-bedas marked the artiste's command over classicism. Raga Kalyani (Shyama Shastri's "Himadrisuthe Pahimam") and raga Rudrapriya (Dixitar's "Rudrakopa") elucidated the complexity of rupaka tala and its various applications. Equally well-trained in mridanga, her rhythmical expertise was striking in the vocal concert as well. Nevertheless, some compositions on Lord Krishna, relevant to the occasion would have elevated the concert. "Karunakara Kamala Manohara" (a composition by Rajalakshmi Krishnan herself) a tillana in raga Kadana Kuthuhala, were the other impressive selections rendered during the concert. Vidwan Thandavamurthy (violin), Tumkur Ravishankar (mridanga), Ramesh (mrichangi) gave impressive support to the performance.

Neyveli Santhanagopalan's recital was replete with Tyagaraja kritis at the Veene Seshanna Bhavana during the Gokulastami music series. The artiste's dominion over the tristayi sanchari delineating various ragas such as Mayamalavagoula ("Tulasi Dalamulache"), Poorna Chandrika ("Telisirama"), Nalinakanthi ("Manavyala") explicating the bhava of each raga with laconic alapana and svara vinyasa marked the brilliance in professionalism. "Yochana Kamala Lochana" in raga Durbar, particularly the individuality in avarohana was noteworthy. Eloquent stream of gamaka and perspicuity in sahitya were remarkable.

The illuminating part of the concert was the rare composition of Muthuswamy Dixitar in raga Bhairavi ("Balagopla") with its elaborate alapana and janti-savara prayogas. The transcendental effect of this rakti-raga and devout expression in nerval "Neela Neerada Sharira" were the hallmarks of the concert. Vidwans H.K. Venkataram (violin) TAS Mani (mridanga) and Ramanujam (ghata) added constructive features to the scholarly performance.

The melodious violin accompaniment, an inspiring jugalbandi in the tani-avarthanam (mridanga and ghata) elevated the concert to greater heights.

The second anniversary of Chandanotsava under the aegis of Bangalore Doordarshan was held at the Kalamandira, Mysore.

The mediocre performance of Kuvempu's composition by Pushpalatha ("Shivamandiradolu") failed to create an impressive start. Na. Kasturi's composition "Jagada Jeevanagalalva" was rendered by Muddumohan, an accomplished Hindustani vocalist. While it did have overtones of his classical bearings, the sound system was causing havoc and was a major setback to the performance.

"Sothu Bandenu Guruve", a Kuvempu composition sung by Revathi Sharma was marked with feelings.


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