Accolade for musician

RECOGNITION: Rama Ravi receiving the award from Nalini Chidambaram.   | Photo Credit: Photo: M. Periasamy.


Rama Ravi's recital was marked by noble tone and niceties.

Rama Ravi has all the ingredients of an accomplished singer. Though brought up under the Dhanammal tradition, she has developed an individualistic quality of her own in Carnatic music and this invests her recitals with aesthetic elegance. The sole emphasis in her music is raga bhava and she plumbs the emotive contents of the kritis she carefully chooses for her concerts. Her organic discipline in the delineation of the ragas and the manner of interpretation of the kritis have won the appreciation of all lovers of music.

Outstanding contribution

In appreciation of her outstanding contribution to Carnatic music, especially padams and javalis, Nalini Chidambaram conferred on her the title, `Isai Mani Makutam,' instituted by Rajalakshmi Fine Arts, Coimbatore, at a colourful function at Mani High School. Rama Ravi's music recital following the award function was characterised by her noble tone and niceties in gamaka brimmed with feeling. Well-aligned to sruti, there never was a vocal unease either in alapanas or rendition of kritis. The distinctive aroma of the Kedaragowla varnam, `Saami Daya,' followed by `Yuktamugaadu' (Sree) and `Manasukaruga' (Hamsadhwani) with swaras warranted concentrated listening in the succeeding numbers. Her Anandabhairavi raga alapana for the kriti, `Dhandayuthapaanim,' backed by commendable sensitivity created a solemn ambience. The raga vinyasam of Purvikalyani in a linear development along the higher octaves with a touch of tonal felicity spoke of her vidwat. Her portrayal of Khambodi, the main raga of the kutcheri, was a colourful mosaic with sampradaya pidis, though confined to mainly the madhyamasthayi for the song, `Koniyadi'. Her voice modulation emphasising the gana-naya facets registered well with the rasikas. The javalis and padams in Khamas and Dhanyasi were impassioned presentations with elegant touches. Embar Kannan gave deft touches and delicate shades to the alapanas of Anandabhairavi and Purvikalyani. Vaidyanathan (mridangam) and Sridhar (ghatam) displayed exemplary precision and control in their laya exercise.