Absorbing recitals

Kshetrayya Kala Peetham is a musical organisation exclusively working in the field of collecting, preserving and propagating umpteen compositions of Kshetrayya. It also holds music concerts. One such evening was organised at the specious hall of Sankara Mutt in New Nallakunta last week.

The Kala Peetham timed this program with the celebrations of 81st birthday of renowned senior musician, `Sangeetha Vidyanidhi' Puranam Purushothama Sastry.

Naishadham Rajyalaskhmi presented a delightful veena recital. Adapting a style of play that is simple and yet sweet, Rajyalakshmi filled her repertoire with popular numbers. . The invocatory Vatapi in Hamsadhwani was well received. So was, Sudhanidhim in Sunada Vinodini that was notable for the continuity of ragabhava.

Bantu Reeti in Hamsanadam and Brochevarevarura in Khamas too were pleasant. Samajavaragamana in Hindolam was a good piece. Vidyasagar lent good support throughout on mridangam.

RV. Panduranga Sarma is sharpening his performance acumen with recitals, which could be noticed on this occasion. As disciple of Puranam Purushothama Sastry, he converted this recital as a tribute to his guru. Sarma's style of presentation was marked with ease and spontaneous out put reflecting his well-developed manodharma. His swaras were fluent. Komanduri Seshadri, accompanying Sarma on violin, added his own musical colour. Vidyasagar accompanied on mridangam. On the occasion, Kshetrayya Kala Peetham honored Puranam Purushothama Sastry.

A.P.Department of Culture and A.P. Kalavedika organised a Hindustani vocal recital of Raza Ali Khan at Ravindra Bharathi last week. Raza Ali Khan is the grandson of the late legendary personality Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan and son of Ustad Mazhar Ali Khan.

However, Raza Ali Khan appears to have created his own style of rendition which is marked with stupendous speed with as much ease that any vocalist would like to have, along with. Even high-speed birkas we find in young Raza, a typical musician who is at once creative with clear thought process in building his raga.

This special identity stands by him as an individual artiste of eminence but not a shadow of father and grandfather. The concert he gave reflected all these traits in him that contributed for the establishment of his own identity, maintaining the traditions and heritage of Bade Ghulam Ali.

Accompanied by Nazeemuddin Jawed on the tabla and Balwant Kulkarni on the harmonium, Raza Ali Khan opened his concert with a Khayal in Raag Yaman set to vilambit ektaal. He unfolded the raga methodically taking care of every phase and vilambit and drut phases all adding to the overall impact. And when needed, he entertained the audience with high-speed movements that added to the general impact of the raga essay.

He came out with sargam section when he reached the Madhya Laya stage in teen taal. He baffled the audience with rendition of the sargams with phenomenal speed. And then he excelled in the Bol Taans for which their Gwalior Gharana is known.

Raza Ali later sang a couple of thumris, Kakarun sajani ae na baalam and Yaad piya ki aae, made famous by Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali much to the delight of the audience.

Vidushi Padma Lata, a veteran Hindustani musician, gave an absorbing sitar recital at Sri Thyagaraya Gana Sabha last week. Music Lovers' Association organised this programme. Padmalatha played Bagesri extensively with an alap, jod, jhala and gat. The vilambit part was so detailed that every phrase of the raga that came in bits was enjoyable.

M.S.Murty, who accompanied her on tabla, displayed his own skilful percussion art in the brief solo along with good percussion support . The evening also featured Hindustani vocal recital by Vidushi. K. Deepa. She rendered Mian Ki Malhar, a raga associated with monsoon in general. Then came raga Bahaar, another popular melody, which is associated with spring.

The tarana she sang in this part was indeed a pleasure to listen to. Then she took up the rendition of a couple of bhajans with sahitya clarity. Kamalbai Toshnival (on harmonium) and Jai Kishen (tabla) lent good support .