A treat to the ears and eyes


Vempati Chinna Satyam's name and fame are synonymous with the revival and refinement of Kuchipudi. His choreographic creations like Srinivasa Kalyanam, Rukmini Kalyanam, Haravilasam, Ksheerasagara Madhanam, Chandalika and many more are being internationally acclaimed as masterpieces.

Vempati's latest creation Gopika Krishna was presented by Sidhardha Kalapeetham at the Sidhardha auditorium. This documentary-like dance drama depicted various episodes of Lord Krishna's childhood like showing the whole universe in his mouth to Yasoda, Indra garvabhangam, lifting the Mandara parvatam with his little finger, Kaaleeya mardanam, gopika vastrapaharanam, and Kamsa samharam. Vempati's quest for quality in music and dance aspects was quite evident in every scene starting from the narration of the Sutradhara played brilliantly by Vemapati Ravi, younger son of Chinna Satyam and a dancer of international repute. The roles of Indra and Kamsa were convincingly played by Hari Ramamurthy, a seasoned artiste. A number of group dances found place in the dance drama. Polish and precision of movements marked every scene. The sets were simple but elegant, another feature seen in all the creations of Vempati. The pleasing music composed by veteran P. Sangeeta Rao was melodiously rendered by singers D.S.V. Sastry and R. Vanaja. As one expected in Vempati's dance dramas, the quality of music was high with seasoned flautist Nagarajan taking the lead part among the instrumentalists.

The music was a judicious and apt mixture of both Carnatic and Hindustani ragas. Some of the ragas that figured in the ballet were Kambhoji, Amritavarshini, Surati and Sahana.

Kantilal was good on the mridangam. The nearly 30-member strong cast was well trained and each one did his or her role to perfection. Besides playing the role of Sutradhara, Ravishanker assisted his father well in rendering the nattuvangam. The cast included Geeta Madhuri, Srimoyi, Kalpana, Sumathi, Pavithra, Priyanka, Padma, Lakshmi, Ranjani, Sudersahan Rao, Ramana, Chinta Ramamurthy and several others.

The technical aspects were efficiently handled by Venkat. The dance drama was well scripted by veteran poet Chillara Bhavanarayana Rao. The capacity crowd that attended thoroughly enjoyed Vempati's new creation that too staged for the first time in the city.

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