A silver lining

Pankaj Udhas Photo: Sampath Kumar G.P.

Pankaj Udhas Photo: Sampath Kumar G.P.  

Five years ago Pankaj met a fan of his who had played his ghazal Na Kajre Ki Dhar 45,000 times, and of course he was touched. When the ghazal singer recalls such moments of sheer nostalgia and the fan following, he simultaneously moans the lack of such enthusiasm and love for ghazals in the young generation.

"I don't understand the reason for such an imbalance. Whenever I give a concert, whether in India or abroad, people throng to the auditoriums. But when it comes to ghazals in the music industry, it is regularly witnessing a downslide movement. And piracy has a lot to do with that. And surprisingly, this generation thinks ghazals are only for sad and drunk people," laments Udhas. But he thanks films in the same breath! Be it Chitthi aayi hai in Naam, Jeeyein to Jeeyein Kaise in Sajan, or Kisi Ne Bhi To Na Dekha in Dil Aashna Hai, they all earned him much name and fame.

Now, he has come up with Hasrat, his new renditions brought out by T-Series, a dedication to his fans.


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