A political satire


TAKING A DIG The cast of the play.

TAKING A DIG The cast of the play.  



The Sutradhar school of acting presented a Hindi play Andhon ka Haathi recently at Saptaparni Amphitheatre, Banjara Hills.

The play was a culmination of a three-month long acting workshop, during which the participants underwent training on various aspects of theatre art. The workshop was conducted, and the play was directed, by Prof. Bhaskar Shewalkar and Vinay Verma.

The venue Saptaparni was quite apt for this experimental play. The training of the workshop for the artistes was such that the artistes did not use mikes and used their vocal talent and voice modulation while enacting the play.

The play, written by late Sharad Joshi, known for his political satires, was about five blind people trying to interpret an elephant according to their senses, has been beautifully depicted to project quintessential politician who turns blind eye to the sufferings and problems of our society. Though this satire was written during the emergency period, the depiction and the satire still holds good in the present system too. The play also shows the conflicts and pressures, and adjustment, with which coalition politics run in our country.

The play began with the narrator explaining his problem as a common man. The problem is interpreted as the elephant. And it progresses showing how the politicians understand the gravity of the problem and how they react to it, by literally turning a blind eye to the actual problem. In turn, the play shows the absurdity in reality.

It had three songs which were composed and sung by the artistes.

The play was well presented and all the artistes performed well and were in total sync with the script. The usage of props and the tapping of sticks, the composition and the body language for the play were well presented by the director.

Avinash Kumar Singh, Junaid, Feroze, Mohit and Niyati Sureliya played the blind characters and Bharat Tiwari portrayed the role of Sutradhar or the narrator. Alexander on keyboard gave support to the artistes for the songs.

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