A peculiar disorder




"We're winding up shooting with Surya for Gajini. Please do visit the scene." The invitation came from director

A. R. Murugadas. When one caught up with the unit on ECR, it was action in full swing with Surya and Nayanthara being the centre of attraction.

Sri Saravana Creation's ``Gajini" is different that has Surya in two get-ups. ``I was impressed with Murugadas's story which he had been nurturing for two years. It was challenging and I at once grabbed it. His Ramana had made a great impact," says the hero. I have started growing my hair."

What about the storyline? ``It is about a man who has this unusual problem — 15-minute amnesia. Some very interesting things happen in that short period of time. I have done a fight staying in the water for nearly 24 hours," Surya added.

Meanwhile Nayanthara is attentively listening to the assistant director reading out the dialogue. Cameraman R. D. Rajasekar is checking the lighting for the shot in which both Surya and Nayanthara are supposed to act in front of the table. Murugadass tells the art director to take away a flower-vase kept in the table.

" My film has a message with stunning visuals and sweet music by Harris Jayaraj. I have brought a new villain Pradeep Ravath from Hindi films. For the first time the villain also has dual role in the film," says the director.

What role does Asin play? Who is Surya's pair? The tight-lipped director refuses to part with the information.

Ok, what is this last shot about? Murugadass is more forthcoming here. "Nayanthara is a medical college student who along with her friends is involved in a project and in the process gets hold of the hero's medical file. She meets him and life is never the same for her again."

The director is sure that the film will draw repeat audience what with its ``twists and turns."