A century of humour

READY WIT and pun are his weapons.And his experience on the editing table of newspapers help him understand the world better. He found `laughter' the only solution for all the ills and tensions in life. Sankaranarayana knows the art of laughter and shows how to do it in his programmes, adapting the format of `Avadhana' calling it Hasyavadhanam. Last week, he celebrated the centenary of the shows by giving his `Hundredth humour show' at Sri Thyagaraya Gana Sabha, Hyderabad.

With more and more people coming to witness his shows, the auditorium gets jampacked.

The jokes are never crude, but, at times, have that satiric punch. The programme was a real marathon. Most of it was a response to questions put by the `Pruchakas' (questioners) on the stage and in the auditorium.

Some call Sankarayanarayana a `pun'dit and a `pun'ch master too. He has a typical style of expression. `What is transparency in governance', was a question that received an entertaining reply. Thus, went the programme lasting for four hours.

Earlier, a mimicri show was held by veteran Nerella Venumadhav, who set the humour tone for the evening. Dr C. Narayana Reddy felicitated Sankaranarayana on the occasion.


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