Young and raring to go

Musical tempoSinger Aiswarya.

Musical tempoSinger Aiswarya.  


Aiswarya shows promise and has potential.

There appears to be a drastic change in the programming style of South Indian Cultural Association in its effort in promoting musical talent. It is heartening to note that a beginning was made, last week, as part of its Golden Jubilee year, to encourage young talent by holding separate concerts for them. They call it Young Talent Promotional Concert, which gives more scope for young talented singers. The opening vocal concert was that of Aiswarya, groomed by Malathi Padmanabha Rao first and then by D. Raghavachary of Hyderabad Brothers later. She has been giving performances for prestigious sabhas.

In the company of young Peri Thyagaraju on violin and Nemani Somayajulu on mridangam, Aiswarya opened the concert with Abhogi varnam and moved on to Gowla raga composition on Vinayaka as invocatory.

Himagiri Tanaye in Suddha Dhanyasi that she rendered later was a neat offering.

She then took up Ranjani for a brief delineation and rendered in it the popular number Durmargacharadhamula with swarakalpana. Sogasuchooda Tarama in Kannada Gowla was another impressive number. Sankarabharanam was then detailed as the main raga for Buddhi Raadu. The swarakalpana too was a detailed exercise. She then went for a rare ragam called ‘Takka’ in which she rendered a Thyagaraja composition Rakasasivadana. This was followed by a Ragam-Tanam-Pallavi exercise in Ramapriya. The tanam part was a bit weak in this ambitious presentation. The final notable piece was Narahari Janardana in Kalyani.

She also presented a couple of Tamil compositions. Peri Thyagaraju’s violin support and Nemani’s mridangam went a long way in elevating her concert, which was well attended. Aiswarya has a good vocal culture but can improve pronunciation of words, expression and melodic appeal.

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