Well-trained voice

Vani Sateesh.

Vani Sateesh.   | Photo Credit: PHOTO: R. SHIVAJI RAO


Confidence was the hallmark of Vani Sateesh’s concert with Lord Krishna as the theme.

Vani Sateesh enjoys the advantage of a voice gifted and honed well to meet kutcheri requirements, as was evident in her concert. There is self-assurance as she leaps to the upper octaves, speaking of the confidence level she has achieved and the comfort level she enjoys as she performs. She presented a concert, a musical tribute to Krishna, organised by the Tchaikovsky Music Club, at the Russian Cultural Centre.

The Navaragamalika Varnam began well and ‘Mama Hrudhaye’ (Mysore Vasudevachar, Ritigowla) that followed was sung with bhava to communicate the inner depth these unique compositions contain. Vani limited herself to a single niraval at ‘Jatha Roopa’ (Swati Tirunal, ‘Deva Deva,’ Mayamalavagowla) which was done flawlessly in all kalams. The ragas chosen for alapanas were Hindolam and Khambodi (Oothukkadu, ‘Kuzhaloodi’) and one felt that the Hindolam alapana stood out for its adukku phrases, well stretched and controlled karvais, and speedy prayogas in the form of brigas that were both enjoyable and effective. There was none of those virtuoso feats of pointless elaborations that in many cases tend to become dreary and directionless.

Sprightly swaras

Khambodi perhaps demanded more of certain usages to emphasise its azhutham. There were many sprightly swara korvais that were enthusiastically received and answered by the accompanists. The selection of songs gave rasikas a chance to listen to many Kannada melodies such as ‘Neene Dhoddavanu,’ ‘Govinda Ninna Namave Chandha,’ ‘Jagadodharana’ and ‘Entha Punyava Gopi.’ A javali in Behag (Tirupati Naranayanaswami, ‘Vagaladi’) and ‘Muralidhara Gopala’ (Thooran, Mand, tuned by TMT) were also included. Accompanying violinist Akkarai Swarnalatha’s alapanas and swara designs p were mature and she was in tune with the main artist by quickly adapting to her style and manner.

Seasoned laya vidwans J. Vaidyanathan on the mridangam and S. Karthik on the ghatam accompanied with their usual élan, and their thani had a fine exchange of rounds.

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