IN A CHANGED FORMAT Sol Vilayaattu, Makkal TV, Mondays to Fridays, 21.00

IN A CHANGED FORMAT Sol Vilayaattu, Makkal TV, Mondays to Fridays, 21.00  

(Makkal TV, Sundays, 9.30 a.m.)

World classics are movies made by different people at different times, in different countries. Apart from being classics, these masterpieces have one more thing in common - portrayal of humanity. ‘Ulagaththirai’ is a programme that showcases pure cinema for those who look beyond the lead pair dancing around trees. The idea behind this programme is to underline the power of good cinema in shaping the world and the way people think.

Kalloori Kondaattam

(Makkal TV, Sunday, 12.00)

Colleges are not just factories that manufacture graduates! ‘Kalloori Kondaattam’ uncovers the extra-ordinary talent hidden in the college-goer. The one-hour programme has different talent-hunt shows, games and contests that bring to light the versatility of Gen Next. It is produced and hosted by Hari Balaji.

Sol Vilayaattu

(Makkal TV, Monday-Friday, 21.00)

‘Sol Vilayaattu’, which will soon complete 500 shows, comes to you with a new look. Hosted by Karthiga, the game show’s second and final round formats have been changed. Now, in the second round, you are given a jumble with which you need to form at least 10 words within 30 seconds. The third round has a thematic picture, in which are hidden clues to a famous proverb or idiom.

Jodi No.1 - Season 3

(Vijay TV, Friday and Saturday, 8 p.m.)

The wildcard voting will take place on Jodi No.1 this week. The voting begins from Saturday (November 22). With jodis Tinku/Santhoshi, Sanjay/Pooja and Michael/Hema already qualifying to the finals of the third season, the remaining 5 jodis are gearing for their last shot to return to the competition through the ‘wildcard’ round. Two wildcard rounds have been announced. The first round is exclusively for the viewers to vote the most deserving pair, and the other would be for the judges to decide the best jodi. The top scoring Jodi from both these rounds will be adjudged as the winner of the wildcard round. The five eliminated couples are Rajesh/Suhasini (JN01), Sarath/Preethi (JN02), Nethrun/Aruna Devi (JN05), Venkat/Nish (JN06) and Ravi/Pooja (JN08). Divya and Sameera Reddy, the stars of ‘Vaaranam Aiyram’ will be special guests.


(Vijay TV, Sunday, 10 a.m.)

Mayalogam is a series where popular magicians from across the country perform on one platform. The Guinness record holding magician Alexander will perform some mind blowing acts on Mayalogam. With 15 years of experience in the field of magic, Alexander won the Guinness World Record in 2005 for performing the longest magic show that lasted 24 hours. He entered the Limca Book of Records for successfully completing 12-hours of ‘Mental Magic’, an act that is based purely on psychology, mind-reading, clairvoyance and divinity. An expert in illusion acts, he will make horses and elephants, cars and bikes appear and disappear on the sets of Mayalogam. These and many other impressive magic acts will be featured in Mayalogam.

Saregama Family

(Jaya TV, Sundays, 12.00)

The show which is to begin on November 30, celebrates music in a unique way that includes three generations of a family. Five members of a family — grandfather, grandmother, mother, father and children below the age of 10 — can take part. Two groups will compete every week and the winners will move on to the next round. ‘Saregama Family’ is bound to be enjoyable to all because the participants are going to be from diverse age groups.

Kavari Maangal

(Jaya TV, Monday to Friday, 20.30)

The serial opens on December 1.Venkatesh is a rich business man. His wife is Sharadha. Their first son Balaji helps his father in the family business and his beautiful, educated wife Sandhya who is from a middle class family takes care of the family with love and affection. The second son Vivek,who has the ability (ESP) to know what is to happen in future, works in a private concern as a senior executive. Vivek’s ESP warns him of what is to happen in future. The family fixes the marriage of Vivek with Madhavi. Arun, the third son is a college dropout who gets into trouble often because he cannot brook injustice anywhere. Madhavi slowly begins to poison everyone’s mind and the family breaks up. Sandhya learns about her scheming nature and tries to counter it. Eventually who wins? Sandhya or Madhavi?

Sithara, Uma, Nirmal, Birla and Raja are part of the main cast of the mega serial. Devibala has written the screenplay of ‘Kavari Maangal,’which is being produced and directed by Prabhu Nepal. Get ready to check it out!

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