Training aspirants is her ambition

Versatile: P. Suseela

Versatile: P. Suseela  


Playback singer P. Suseela is right now documenting her life and career.

Noted play-back singer P. Suseela is in the process of making a documentary of her career. “It will be released end of this year,” she says. She is happy about being conferred Padma Bhushan, but says the Central Government can help make her dream of a training school for young singers come true.

Her ambition

It has been Suseela’s ambition to train young aspirants but the lack of infrastructure, especially building and other allied facilities, has been a bottleneck. She says that the Central Government should, as a gesture of recognition of the contribution of eminent singers, come out with a special package including facilities of accommodation, telephone and so on.

Now, what is the secret behind her success? “Hard work,” says Suseela. “We would have rigorous rehearsals for at least 20 days. Such hard work was required to ensure quality,” she explains. According to her, it was team spirit that accounted for the success of a song. The music composer, director and even the actor, as in the case of MGR or Sivaji Ganesan, showed interest in the song. “There was a strong team in those days, which simply doesn’t exist now,” she points out.

Instead, technology has taken over, she feels. Suseela is amazed at the technological development the film world has undergone. “A good part of my career went blissfully without the intrusion of technology in any big way,” she smiles.

Her advice to up-and-coming artists? “I have none, with due respect to their talents,” is the reply.

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