Taking on the bad guys

Police story Nagendra Babu plays a cop.

Police story Nagendra Babu plays a cop.  


Kodi Ramakrishna comes up with a supercop story for the screen again.

The aluminium factory on the outskirts of Hyderabad is being used for one more film unit, N.H. Rushya Productions helmed by producers N.H. Bhaskara Reddy and M.V. Krishna Prasad. The film, Ek Police, is directed by Kodi Ramakrishna.

Inside the factory, the unit is working at a frenetic pace as it has to wind up the shooting part that day. Being an actor himself, the director enacts to each character their part, thus making the actors’ job easier. The action block involves some emotional drama too and the director is showing the movements and expressions to the actors on location — Nagendra Babu, the lead star, an honest and tough police officer, Sathya Prakash, the lawyer with a shady backdrop, comedians Visweswara Rao and Prahlada Raju.

A few junior actors and fighters are waiting for their turn to join the fray. From the scene, one can read that Nagendra Babu, the sincere and hard working police chief, believes in the tit-for-tat policy in dealing with anti-social elements. He takes on the villain (Sathya Prakash) and his henchmen single-handedly as the women police and the comedians watch in awe. Ramakrishna is a dab hand at translating supercop stories into celluloid blockbusters by giving them a realistic touch.

“Give the sincere and honest cop powers to deal with the corrupt forces, he will establish Ram Rajya in no time,” storms the filmmaker during the break. In the movie, he is showcasing the life of one such pragmatic, puritan cop. But there is a difference. This cop, though truthful, forges a new path in dealing with society’s bad forces.

He talks to them in their own language, like the saying goes in Telugu, “Mullunu mullu thone thiyyali, cheduni chedu thone anthem cheyyali”.

Nagendra Babu, who believes in natural acting, opines that it is a good experience working with Kodi Ramakrishna. “It is the biography of a police officer. He is an ace at presenting such subjects.” Though not present on location, Dr Sivaprasad and Ashok Kumar, the politicians in the story, are the root cause of the ensuing fight between Nagendra Babu and Sathya Prakash. Interestingly, the latter sings and dances with a moll like the quintessential 70s villain. “Though there are politicians in the movie, it is not a political subject. Without pointing fingers, we are showing the filth in the political system in general,” says the director. Nagendra Babu’s character, as a one-man army, corrects the ailing system by eliminating the bad. And that clarifies the title.

Lakshana, another Keralite, takes the heroine’s mantle. There is a youth brigade too – Samrat, Surya Charan, Dheeraj and Bhushan, the last mentioned the grandson of late actor Nagabhushanam. Joining them is Happy Days’ fame Gayathri Rao, playing a television journalist. They play a crucial role in the reforms path set out by the supercop.

“And we have Prithvi too in a key role,” adds the director.

Koti composed the music that blends with the theme, according to producer Bhaskara Reddy. Incidentally, this is the 136th film for Kodi Ramakrishna.

He is confident that the film will run as many days too for in filming cop themes he is second to none.

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