Short and crisp

A story of a father and son, was presented with élan.

S wargaadapi, scripted and directed by K. Srinivas for Kalaajagathi of Natyabhushan A.S. Prakash was staged under the aegis of VMDA, which features either one full-length or two short plays on the first Friday of every month, at Kalabharati.

Craze for Westernculture

The story depicted how a father who wants to get his son settled in the U.S. bids goodbye to all indigenous traditions and develops an idiosyncratic craze for aping western culture.

Thankfully however, his son makes him realise his folly with finesse. Sureshbabu, as the father and another old character,

Y. Apparao as Subrahmanya Sastry, Sombabu as Mr. White, Murty as the son and the young Dasaradharamayya in an episode shown in flashback and the veteran doyen of theatre K. Vijayalakshmi did well to sustain enough interest in the audience.

Music by Radhakrishna, makeup by K. Prakash, stage decor and lighting by S. Venkata Rao and overall coordination by B. Prakash were commendable.

Kalabharati founder-president C.S.N. Raju presented mementos to all those who participated in the play.


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