Saniswara temple in Tiruvannamalai

The Yentra Saniswarar temple in Thiruyeri Kuppam, near Arani in Tiruvanamalai district celebrated Sani Peyarchi on September 26. Efforts are being taken up to make the existence of this temple known to the devotees across India.

According to R. Srinivasan, “this temple is unique in the sense that it is the only temple for Sani Baghavan in a Yentra form and the only fully dedicated Saniswarar Temple in Tamil Nadu.

At Thiruyeri Kuppam, the deity can be seen in the most benevolent form, along with His mother, as if He is listening to the worries and problems of the devotees.

The Yentra is inscribed in a stone form of about 12 feet high and about two feet wide. The yentra is dated over 1800 years.”

The present temple and other facilities which are now in place for the benefit of pilgrims is the sole effort of Srinivasan and his family.

The Temple is situated in Thiruyeri Kuppam Village on the Arani Santhavasal route and is about 164 Km on the Chennai-Kanchipuram-Arani route.

For further information contact R. Srinivasan, 93602 23428/(04173) – 229 273.

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